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Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Co., Ltd.
The Largest on line store from China!
Featuring more than 30,000 mineral specimens with plenty of species from China!
Totally more than 100 tons are available from our stock.
Everything on our website is exactly available from our store!

 Specimens Gallery  (Updated on Jan. 08, 2018)   

    Fine Minerals Gallery   (Updated on Jan. 08, 2018)    
    Big Rock Gallery    (Updated on Jan. 08, 2018)  
    Bulk Materials and Polished Products  (Updated on Jan. 08, 2018)
Who we are

We, Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Co., Ltd., are a distributor of Chinese minerals, rocks and crystals on basis of wholesale. Established by a professional mineralogist and geologist, we are specialized in exploring sources,  importing & exporting of minerals by taking a full advantage of our professional team.

What we do
We search and gather minerals directly from the mines all over China and export them directly from main ports of China. At the same time, we apply ourselves to discovering new kinds of specimens, so as enable us to provide enough favorable products to our customers.
Where we are
 We locate at Jinan, capital of Shangdong Province. At economic centre of North China, we are:
   close to the biggest sea port of North of China: Qingdao Port,
   50 minutes by air to Beijing, capital of China,
   1.3 hours by air to Shanghai.
Contact Information:
Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086 531 8792 2151, 8792 2155, Fax: 0086 531 8792 2966
Address: Room 513, 360 Jingsi Road, Jinan, Shandong Province, China
Staff from our team:



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